Thursday, March 19, 2009


I spent a lot of time at the weekend talking about how information,
ideas, awareness and cirtical thought spreads; and it's all about
unfettered access and freedom/transparency of information(and/or
non-contextualised raw data).

Information pollution/signal to noise ratios are required as both a
contrast and training mechanism e.g. duality. The internet is the
largest human mirror and 'community of practice' we know. The ultimate
'connected' neural net.

Warts and all.

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Anonymous said...

Can you spell out a bit what is meant by signal to noise ratios on the internet? I am familiar with the term in relation to analogue sound but not in the digital area. Is it purely technical or does it require subjective judgment on content?

Donal said...

Funnily enough both. I initially meant himan content on the internet having utlity and sometimes just being fluff.

There is however what's called IBN or Internet BAckground Noise also, scanning etc.. which I was not actually referring to.

Anonymous said...

Subjective, then.