Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear Tim/Getup re:

**** How about toddlers speaking with adult voices, with plain white backgrounds engaging in critical free speech and educational paradigms? ****

Won't someone think of the children? Well has anyone actually asked them about the internet and bad stuff? It's their future, not ours. Maybe you have a baby or child and each iteration of generation ~ 10-15 years speaks with the voice of a generation 20-25 years older? Then a very old person speaking with a toddlers voice to complete the circle and enforce the concept.

When you apply reductionist thought akin to 'give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime', unfettered access to information which provokes critical thought and enforces personal and parental responsibility is paramount. Privacy, identity, global networks with no geo-political boundaries, censorship, free speech, autodidactic education, decentralism, human organisation, publishing, commerce, literacy, all salient and prominent issues... we need to get toddlers/kids to speak on their own, and our behalf.. it will also provoke thought and positive/negative publicity to catapult this topic in to the pscyche of this fledgling nation.

As @Wadeis pointed out many moons ago a viral video "akin" to this *will* work. , albeit I see kids speaking with adult voices about important memes. Perhaps sound bytes from both sides of the debate from prominent opponents/proponents?

We need some public faces/voices and simple messaging. We need to leverage existing memes while creating a new one.

I have been collecting internet history/safety information videos on your behalf: , for any historical or future references as unfortunately a lot of this is underpinned by technology that changes the playing field.

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