Sunday, May 29, 2005

Longevity = Portability, Security, Mass acceptance?

OK, so I'm basically wondering why I am frustrated ( spiritually! )... one possible answer is I haven't *created* anything in a long time. I add value to projects and script now and again in relation to work, but most of what I do is related to 'Risk Management' and 'Information Security' from a process, network and application / system standpoint... thus it's mainly advice, recommendations and some design and architecture ( this bit does involve 'creating' usually... )

I haven't done any art, cartooning, flash, web pages, video etc in a long, long time ( last was probably )... I have sort of decided to go back to proramming [something I used to hate in University... ] but am finding more uses for it these days... usually however, I 'script' with perl for some quick and dirty stuff.. e.g. text parsing + regexp and bolting together other apps and scanning scripts to automate real time network reports etc...

Firstly, what struck me was that if I was going to create something I should get the most 'bang for my buck', and it should be cross-platform, interoperable, open source/standards and have a great deal of flexibility ( from GUI development to low level access to memory etc [speed and efficiency must be taken in to account here also..). It should also be beautiful, concise, intuitive and easy to hack on - easy to prototype on... after reading Paul Graham's take from 'The Python Paradox' and Eric S. Raymonds take in 'Why Python' I decided to put some time and effort in to the Python language. I first had to do some bits and pieces on my new Mac Mini to get Python playing happy with an extra toolkit called Tkinter ( TK Interface ) to allow for some GUI programming...

Secondly, I started thinking about OS choice again... perhaps NetBSD or my beloved OpenBSD would make more sense? [Again depends on function || hardware and / or also desktop (FreeBSD) / server / intranet / internet / extranet / ] Maybe go back to Fedora Core? Try out Solaris 10 ?

Then perhaps standardise on a window manager like twm ( as it somes with X ), FVWM or go for something lightweight and extensible like Fluxbox, shell-wise sh / bash but what about rc anyone? ( Guess that breaks the 'lowest common denominator' thrust? ) .....
I guess when you come full circle you have to really look at the title of the post.... I am looking for longevity and a perceivable 'Return on Investment' on the time and energy I am going to invest both professionally and personally.. and subsequently many factors [ some external / market related ] come in to play...

Anyway for your and mine own viewing pleasure; some interesting links for posterity:

- Python
- DivX based Python video tutorials and Dive Into Python not forgetting O'Reilly's
- Tkinter and
- DJB stuff.. focus especially on his software... qmail, djbdns, daemontools and ucspi-tcp

Note: I also recently switched to Camino as my browser [on Mac OSX] as Firefox 1.0.4 kept crashing!

Note: Camino now seems to be grumpy with Blogger :( , back to Safari which is not fully supported by Blogger either? Double DOH! Anyone wanna' run three browsers?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lands I have visited....

Some very interesting Internet research sites and handy stuff you may not have seen before (some *very* techy and some not! ) :

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Make me better... "on the shoulders of giants"..

It struck me that most blogs I read only have X number of postings on the front page - and as with Google these days, it's very rare to go past the initial front page. This doesn't quite hold true if you have been a long term reader of a blog or get updates from Bloglet , but the point being 'less' is 'more'... quality over quantity per se..

I hereby set myself the challenge to keep this blog at one page, almost like a Wiki... but it's still a blog OK? This means reduced graphics, shorter explanations and more links to let you guys go 'walkabout', to read around the edges -> as most things have been said before anyway...

So I have some filters on my Gmail namely 'Efficiency / Productivity' and 'Reading List', and I thought I'd share some of them with you..

Efficiency and Productivity

Reading and Listening List

Fun Stuff

Monday, May 23, 2005

Here's a thought.... or two.... or three...

  • learn Chinese ( Mandarin / Cantonese )
  • play squash competitively
  • learn to properly defend yourself
  • take a night class in something interesting
  • your body is a nutrient /drug filter, only put nutrients and good drugs in to it !
  • spend time developing your mind and soul
  • as you are the center of your universe, learn about yourself
  • want less, expect more
  • be patient, sometimes doing nothing is something
  • do not watch random tv, specific channels or programs only, dl programs...
  • read the classics
  • look for the good in people, if you can't find any... move on...