Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Make me better... "on the shoulders of giants"..

It struck me that most blogs I read only have X number of postings on the front page - and as with Google these days, it's very rare to go past the initial front page. This doesn't quite hold true if you have been a long term reader of a blog or get updates from Bloglet , but the point being 'less' is 'more'... quality over quantity per se..

I hereby set myself the challenge to keep this blog at one page, almost like a Wiki... but it's still a blog OK? This means reduced graphics, shorter explanations and more links to let you guys go 'walkabout', to read around the edges -> as most things have been said before anyway...

So I have some filters on my Gmail namely 'Efficiency / Productivity' and 'Reading List', and I thought I'd share some of them with you..

Efficiency and Productivity

Reading and Listening List

Fun Stuff

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