Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is essentially what some of our guys have been talking about.... Zen, IT and Permaculture.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Message passing.
Inter process communication.
Spawning processes. Process lifecycle.
Information management.
Trust, privacy, identity. Non-repudiation.
Superorganism inputs, processes, outputs.
Node inputs, processes, outputs.
Symbiotic entity node+interface+human.
Symbiotic entity human-node+network+human-node.
Symbiotic entity human-node+network+auto-node.
Symbiotic entity auto-node+network+human-node.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

DNS for dynamic geo-location

Using DNS as a covert channel to do lookups against non-existant A records, which are in fact your latitude and longitude coordinates!

E.g. my device registers via dynamic DNS to a domain (mine or someones service) and enters its hostname, then subsequently does a lookup against my location+device+[sub]domain. DNS server intelligently sees query and does some stuff below:

So my device asks about a non-existant A record in my subdomain or hosted domain which now happens to contain my coords; such that the DNS server is originally told by my device where I am. The DNS server updates itself to contain a record that now reflects what I asked. Others can now query my location through a DNS resource record. Quick, single packet UDP geo-location.

Now other entities on the internet can a) ask for the IP for my host's A record b) ask for the PTR for my device in that or other subdomain, and the response points to the new 'geo' location data A record.

My latitude and longitude

My device called 'bob-001' with IP address

My device uses 'dynamic DNS' and registers in a domain with:

My DNS server creates the A record and also a sub-domain(no PTR record yet!):

My device asks about the A record:

My DNS server now knows where I am and also inserts a PTR record for

Hmmmm.. can also use TXT records and/or oher DNSSEC stuff. PTR idea may not work against RFC1918 address space or devices behind NAT. Maybe just use AXFR for subdomain which could also contain the last X locations for the device....

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stage 2

When I get back from San Francisco a few things are going to happen.

I am going to spread information and connectedness with
I have just facilitated 3 conferences.
I am going to buy cheap land and build an earthship and free myself from the system 100% to facilitate true freedom. Shelter, air, water, food, excretion, homeostasis.

This will be my next 5 years. Probably at the base of the tropics, inland somewhat and about 100m above sea level. The islands of self-sustainable communes / gardens are about to take hold. I have a vision and need to engage in something meaningful in this super grid -> it's time to build, teach and play. Otherwise there's no point.

Time to play life like a dance, music, or some nonsensical chatter. The cosmic joke. Time to laugh along, not to be too serious.. but also to take responsiblity for my own survival, only then can one truly be free. Beholden to none. Then one can serve fellow beings and ecosystem. Time to become net neutral, before net positive.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Senator Conroy

Dear Minister,

As an Australian and an internet user, I have serious concerns about your mandatory Internet filtering initiative.

Given the importance your Government has attached to modernising Australia's broadband network, pursuing a policy that can only slow down and increase the costs of home internet access seems misguided at best. Australian households are diverse, and most do not have young children, so mandating a one-size-fits-all clean feed approach will not serve the public well. I don't think it is the Government's role to decide what's appropriate for me or my children, and neither do most Australians.

Given the amount of Internet content available, the Government will never be able to classify it all and filters will always result in an unacceptable level of over-blocking. I feel that the time and money could be spent in better ways both to protect children and improve Australia's digital infrastructure. Australian parents need better education about the risks their children face online. Trying to rid the Internet of adult content is futile, and can only distract from that mission.



City, State

Thursday, April 02, 2009

First Principles

Cloud Computing.
IAAS (Infrastrusture as a Service)
Network architects are your friends. QED.