Thursday, April 09, 2009

Stage 2

When I get back from San Francisco a few things are going to happen.

I am going to spread information and connectedness with
I have just facilitated 3 conferences.
I am going to buy cheap land and build an earthship and free myself from the system 100% to facilitate true freedom. Shelter, air, water, food, excretion, homeostasis.

This will be my next 5 years. Probably at the base of the tropics, inland somewhat and about 100m above sea level. The islands of self-sustainable communes / gardens are about to take hold. I have a vision and need to engage in something meaningful in this super grid -> it's time to build, teach and play. Otherwise there's no point.

Time to play life like a dance, music, or some nonsensical chatter. The cosmic joke. Time to laugh along, not to be too serious.. but also to take responsiblity for my own survival, only then can one truly be free. Beholden to none. Then one can serve fellow beings and ecosystem. Time to become net neutral, before net positive.

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