Monday, April 13, 2009



Anonymous said...

From my readings, you should be able, if you click through lots of pages, somewhere find a radio box saying this is for fair use.

This technology is being used for evil. What happened to the assumption people were good first, instead of what's clearly the other way around?

Where is Do No Evil lost? Between Google's Censorship in China, which has knock on worries about what Google would do if the AU government asked them to censor a blacklist.

Couple that with bending over for the MPAA/RIAA for what's clearly fairuse of copyright, where they are smacking down Joe Public, it's really not cool. They're taking sides of governments and old-skool corps.

Just shows that we can't rely on anyone to fight the good fight other than ourselves.

Last night I dreamt we started an ethical Telco/ISP, where profits after staff were humanly-treated, were sent to development programs in third world countries, micro loans in asia, and other sources of direct sponsorship of the uprising of humans.


alma mater said...

Google has dumped its original stated intentions. The cooperation with China bust that wide open. They should be treated with the same caution and suspicion as any other company.