Friday, March 27, 2009


Maybe you're right and I should play it safe and not express myself.

I don't think you understand what or where my mind is moving to... or the construct in which everyone is trapped. FEAR.

I'm sick to death of being sick to death of some 'future', playing it safe and bending to this future you speak of.

I am a good person, that's all anyone needs to know. My intent is honorable. Fuck em' fuck em all.

Now I am going to sleep. I think your concern is nice but misplaced, you need to try and understand fully and more deeply what you are afraid of on my behalf, what construct it is, why it scares you and not me....... and this is Donal the geek who can probably see further and faster than most in to the 'future'.

I appreciate your concern, however I will stand by my instinct and convictions.

I repeat. Fuck em' , fuck em' all, I don't want a part in any future that doesn't want a part of me. All of me. Do you understand now?

I can't live my life afraid or in fear. If it doesn't work, I will create my own reality or find others that share MY reality. Ask yourself what you are afraid of and then use the past to project a different future.

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Anonymous said...

A-Fucking-men my brother!

Very well said, reminded me a bit of the XKCD comic, Fuck That Shit.

Life is short, spending it in fear or worry about a future, instead of creating life is insane for many reasons.

We live IMO in one of the most interesting times in history. We are the bridge generation/place in history.

This game is for keeps, and won't be repeated again.

Peace and Love,