Sunday, August 03, 2008

Service transparency needed in Oz too

”The blunt means was referring to how some Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) platforms manage traffic when placed out of line. If a device is out of line, the only way to control traffic is to directly or indirectly signal the sender to slow down or terminate the communication session.”
“Consumers must be fully informed about the exact nature of the service they are purchasing and any potential limitations associated with that service.”

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Deda said...

A fair conclusion.

ISPs need to be held to account.

I have one email address with one hell of a sloppy crowd who don't even filter out spam. In fact they appear to distribute it randomly across their network so that I get loads of stuff which isn't even addressed to me.

I often wondered if they are doing it on purpose so they can eventually close down that particular server ( with esat/bt).