Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bacterial IT Security

Imagine if you will lots of people playing Will Wrights new game SPORE
. There is no common species to speak of. Everyone who plays uses
COTS(yes off the shelf :) but every organism looks, feels and acts
differently. Sure they move, amble, fly, walk, run, eat, shit,
procreate etc... however we now have many, many unique entities that
interact. They can all be affected by lack of water, food,
temperature, disease, but how exactly? What do we measure and what do
we focus on? Now lets go macro to micro.

How is any system sustainable? Is there a net gain or loss in
energy/entropy? Will it sort itself out if we just sit-back and wait
for certain breeds to die out? What is it that allows some to succeed
and others to become extinct. We don't need to measure *all* factors,
however perhaps just the successful candidates, and what defines
success? Success = survivability and adaptability?

Assume fluid/shifting environment thus mobile, morphing, modular,
ability to react, change, multiply, access to resources.

Erm, again a stream of consciousness... I think you see where I am
going. We fucked up in IT. We thought we were building pyramids and
fort knox's when in actual fact we needed flocks of birds and 'ships
of the desert'....

What is the longest surviving species and why? -> symbiotic virii?
reptiles? co-existant properties for good guys/bad guys?

Ranum: Will the future be more secure? It'll be just as insecure as it
possibly can, while still continuing to function. Just like it is

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