Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have to opt-out of corporate communication in Australia rather than opt-in, fair nuff'. I have already opted out of all Qantas UCE(Unsolicited Commercial Email) as stated in the junk mail I just received the other day. I will let it speak for itself. Corporates are out of control.

"Dear MR X,

We regularly send exciting offers and news via email. But sadly, we haven't been able to get them to you, because while we have your email address as you have not opted-in to receive any of our email communications."

So they send me physical junk mail... Pure and utter, MADNESS! OMFG!

Taking a leaf out of Wade's book, I have lodged a complaint here but this might not work based upon a technicality/convergence?

Aside: Click on the screenshot for a somewhat better image, apologies about quality as was taken on camera phone in bad light.


Rock Ape said...

Get 'em D! We shouldn't have to just put up with it because it's the easy way! Tell them the money could be better spent keeping jobs here at home and tighter rein on quality of service and maintenance!

Anonymous said...

Go Donal!!!

That's utterly stupid. The effort required to send a letter and costs associated. Why they bother, boggles the mind.

Nice one for not letting this fly (pun ;))

Deda said...

There must be some way to get at all of these hardcopy spammers.

We're talking lots of forests here for stuff nobody wants or reads.

Could we bring in a crime of wanton environmental destruction, or environmental disregard or something. Sort of like manslaughter, rather than murder (so you don't have to prove they actually set out to destroy the environment).

Or perhaps just gather it all up and stuff it in the regulator's posbox - that might spark a bit of oversight.

Donal said...

As expected here is the response:

Somehow I knew the convergent aspect would stifle you.
Do you not think this is a breach of the opt-out clause?

See here:

I am quite happy to make a fuss about this in the media as "convergent" SPAM/UCE e.g. virtual crossing back in to the realms of physical.

As you well know, Auspost can't do much as I need to get my 'integral' or 'valid' frequent flyer post.

I strongly suggest you escalate this to your masters/team lead and management as it will only get worse and adopting a position sooner rather than later generally makes sense.


On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 1:46 PM, ACMA Anti-Spam Team via RT wrote:
> Dear Mr XXXXXXX,
> We refer to your recent complaint regarding spam received from Qantas
> through traditional mail.
> The Spam Act 2003 covers unsolicited commercial electronic messages.
> This includes emails, SMS, MMS and iMS services. Non-electronic mail
> is excluded from the Act, and as a result, ACMA unfortunately cannot
> take any action on this complaint.
> If this continues to be a nuisance, you may want to contact Australia
> Post at
> Regards
> #customer_agent# – Compliance Officer
> Anti-Spam Team
> Australian Communications & Media Authority