Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Currently there are only 3 people on this planet I know of whom I can talk to in the manner below. We each share history in building and operating global computer networks, an alignment with Buddhism and having seriously detached+reattached to reality.

(One is currently sitting under the Bodhi tree right now / or about to bring his own Zen up a mountain in Nepal... and the other is back in Sydney from San Francisco; meet @wadeis )

Note: Of the three of us, I am the middle brother by age however we are all both little and big brothers to each other!

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 11:31 PM, Donal irldexter@gmail.com wrote to wadeis@gmail.com:

BASE ├╝berplasticity (Basically Available, Soft state, Eventual consistency)
Depends upon speed of convergence, integration and lifetime of the
conscious organism (meme horizon, ectropic, loci)
Would it entail singularity, death, punctuated equilibrium? Ectropy/Extropy?

Do we always need a trailing edge of entropy and a slipstream for the
successful memes/tech/moves for the mainstream, including a lagging
structural legacy to slow us enough for coherence?

Must we be dispersed and diverse to survive and prevent a monoculture
which is weak?



the re-branding of indra's net as uberplasticity is cool, I find it harder to grok, but it has better language origins :).

BASE to me sounds like Hadoop! There's something to be said about the concept, and again, tying it back makes it easier to work with ;).

We're all different people with different experiences and understandings, always will be different levels and stages of acceptance and understanding. Nothing happens all at one. BASE just pushes that concept to it's maximums.

Keep in lalaland, BGP Peers required, perhaps multiple border routers, then propagate the information down/upstream. The idea of self-elected control/speaking points (both tech and real world) sounds fun to me. Allow nodes to change state based on environment. Reminds me of the dcpromo command, converting a server to a domain controller. escalate privileges. Backbone networks/links required to disseminate information. I LOVE sneakernets. (world a)-----walks to/meets------(world b) and we have convergence :).

Took a while to reply From Australia Day no less!




Question: Who in your life do you have the highest bandwidth conversations with?

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