Sunday, February 20, 2011

Foundations and Founders

Generally one seeks to minimise change in foundations. Foundations bear great loads and provide the groundwork for future development. Albeit we humans are ├╝berplastic in both mind and body, there is a continuum of being that we relate to over time. This identity emerges through consistency of actions, feelings and signals, and is the basis for most knowing and trusting amongst us.

This base level consistency allows us to build human relationships, to grow them, and to devise ever more complex systems, patterns and languages (such that the underlying principles are strong and unyielding). A child's formative years lay down the initial foundation for how they perceive and interact with the world, however there is still a chance to remould or supplement these foundations later in life. Irrespective of the depth or impact of the initial programming, one can still heal deep wounds or conversely damage or erode their own basis over time. Sometimes throughout life, events outside of our control may challenge us to the core and rock our own foundations.

Once an entity becomes fully self-aware there is the capacity to both re-architect and gradually morph ones foundations (if one so chooses). Self-determination is a powerful force to re-shape oneself and by association society... with the proviso that the entity cannot remain in a state of flux but must establish new foundations upon which to build and operate from.

When embarking upon such an endeavour, self-knowing and understanding of the system one operates within is paramount. When one decides to begin again, it is also helpful to adopt a beginners mind. Many have heard a child pester bigger kids or *adults* with the repetitive question ‘why’... this is a wonderful place to begin e.g. no assumptions, presumptions and a new blank slate.

A complementary practice to the question ‘why’ is that of creating more personal space and time with less chaotic energy. This allows ones own resources and senses to embark upon an inward journey to arrive at ‘what is’ ones own core or foundation.

When a new core set of principles and values are established they are hopefully demonstrated and embodied in all actions, reactions or inaction. Albeit they may be expressed in different ways, one should never bend, waiver nor submit to the excuse of context.

I challenge you to become your own founder.

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