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From my Twitter/tweet archives this is a story about trust over 2 years:

grep -i trust archive | sort -k6n -k1 -k2 -M -k3 -k4 | cut -d ' ' -f 2,6,8-100 | uniq

May 2009 Trust is indeed an issue for the future. Transitive trust. A<->B<->C Identity and Integrity these are the real issues. #futuresummit
May 2009 Australia as a Swiss bank acc. style nation, but as a proxy for federated digital trust and identity? #futuresummit #innovation
Jul 2009 Trust is predicated on preserved identity and shared expectation of outcomes but transitive to how many degrees and historicals?
Jul 2009 @adzap was kinda more aimed at a mate trusting 3rd parties +large companies to "get it right"" cause they're big.Context not clear.Mybad.
Jul 2009 @rosshill more beneficial to think of a transitive trust model +only a single root node in the hierarchy. Not distributed. Ask Bob + Alice!
Aug 2009 Calling all humans: transparency,self regulating systems,trust, integrity,education vs awareness, growing together.... NOW!
Aug 2009 Loose coupling + autonomous systems, gift economy, transitive trust,complexity, architecture,superorganisms +homeostasis?FAIL@ #alr
Aug 2009 @pat yeah wasn't sure, hence the Tweet (even O'Reilly book ?!?) But peeps have2 start somewhere. #quality #trust requests <> good start!
Aug 2009 @Cama Ahuh,independent verification/specialisation is a toughy? In what r who do u place transitive trust? #absolutetruth #belief #nihilism
Aug 2009 @rosshill attribution is tied to identity,validation,trust,cohesion,anonymity,commerce,longevity,sharing,ain't going nowhere methinks buddy!
Aug 2009 @irlpol projects may have 10's or hundreds of servers/services in disparate TRUST zones running mutiple flavours/types of protocols.
Sep 2009 Infosec=Info/infra/services have value at point of utility.Trust +transitive trust predicated on persistent identity.Non-repudiation.Risk?
Sep 2009 T: "design by committee has not been successful in my experience".. D: "neither was the Homermobile" #architecture #choice #trust
Oct 2009 Decision engines. Inputs, processes, outputs, subject to morphing values? Constructive and destructive feedback loops. Transitive trust, ...
Oct 2009 #GovHack Canberra mesh usage 31.85 GB total (22.61 GB received, 9.24 GB sent) from #nodecity #trustbutverify
Oct 2009 Reviewing #trampoline "Trust + New Economic Model" +recent use "food trust","time trust" etc sub-trusts FTW :)
Nov 2009 Non-profit IT. Trust. Community. Play. Self-directed learning. #tedxmelbourne #nodecity
Nov 2009 Open my human bandwidth, mindshare, headspace, filters, open, trust, rate-limit, time, slow, fast #quality #interactions is less more?
Nov 2009 I value openness, honesty, trust, integrity, awareness, mobility, choice and preparedness to be wrong or fail, improve on former self..
Jan 2010 Interesting proposition:how well do you trust yourself in different situations? What is your supposedly pre-determined outcome informed by?
Jan 2010 How :an adhoc grp self-polices? :to exp hidden agendas? Trust predicated on?+is it transitive? Commitment demonstration to open system?
Jan 2010 Constantly WAKING UP. Constantly ARRIVING. Who to journey with? #trust #given #offered #expended #rebirth #faith
Jan 2010 Interconnectedness. Spheres. Nodes. Intent. Trust. Love. Beings. Time. Stardust.
Feb 2010 Not sure who to trust? Yourself? "When we are weak, or feel weak and dis-empowered, we.." @edwardharran
Feb 2010 Trust is not binary. It's an ongoing process of building and re-evaluating at every stage. #subset #superset #sets
Feb 2010 Trust
Feb 2010 Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Trust but Verify. #self-policing
Feb 2010 Trust issues = occupational hazard? ;) /via @kimmwood
Mar 2010 @DDrazic transitive trust and the broken outsourcing triangles... #metrics #out-tasking #governance #accountability
Mar 2010 A wise being lives inside of you, it is your intuitive self; trust the wisdom inside of you: Shakti Gawain /via @TheGodLight
Mar 2010 Understanding.Unassuming. Unadorned. Tolerance. Trust. Wisdom.Strength.Belief.
Mar 2010 AU: Recommendations for setting up a trust fund for a kid?
Apr 2010 Pure, clean, sober Awareness... when to honour, trust & listen to your Intuition above all else? Always?
Apr 2010 Time, love and trust. The ultimate currencies.
Apr 2010 Trust yourself, with great faith and great doubt :)
May 2010 If I don’t trust the people I am with, I can’t be interdependent with them. If I don’t trust them, I can’t build community with them.
May 2010 If I don’t trust myself, I will never be able to trust others. And if I’m not honest with myself, I can never be fully honest with others.
Jun 2010 . @paulzee beware phishing. Check WHOIS. Not Google owned. CAREFUL #trustbutverify
Jun 2010 @Aida_Lee oceans of trust, love & time.. in fact any logical rep I choose4 anyone/thing ->nrgy, doobies :)
Jul 2010 @rosshill Attribution/health of actions and thought! Digital DNA, personal trust & mind (mental health) stability/identity #cloudliving ;)
Jul 2010 @rosshill Trust, community and self-policing, governance. Ever seen Mad Max ;)
Jul 2010 Trust but verify.
Jul 2010 You cannot rebuild trust remotely.
Jul 2010 @jonathannen presence, awareness, social cohesion, edges, motivation, trust, love and time... and doors that say 'No Entry'... +5W's ;)
Jul 2010 @DDrazic @jloidl we aiming VCE/Year 11. a) 3R's b) transitive trust/ interconnectedness c) measure/empirical data d) enforcement capability
Aug 2010 @undrewb me neither, too invasive and overt, feels dirty.. like cheating on someone, breaking transitive trust... hard sell/syntax ☠
Aug 2010 ♫ It takes an ocean of trust...
Sep 2010 Perceived value and transitive trust.
Sep 2010 @nathan_scott @mikala_ it's all about trust bay-bee, it's all about... <3 from D
Sep 2010 What is the smallest trust cluster?
Sep 2010 Connection. Intimacy. Trust @trampolineday #trampoline #trampolineday
Oct 2010 "but trust me on the sunscreen".. ♫ (great way to start Sunday morning :) <3 D
Oct 2010 Mobile version: "but trust me on the sunscreen" ♫ (great way to start Sunday morning :) <3 D

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