Saturday, November 13, 2010


I write this to my future self, whenever, wherever and whoever you may be.

I do not like the term hope but I have faith that the continuum that is you recognises these words, thoughts and forms as your own. If anything, nourish the stillness inside as it is from this that flows that which is clear, wise and true. Do not forget your core and replenish your lifeforce often. Tune your body vehicle. Perceive everything but pay full attention to those you trust. Minimise harm in all your thoughts, words and actions yet do not be paralysed by the complexity, interconnectedness and beauty.

Hunt your fears. Confront your conflicts. Listen and learn.

Never stop seeking yet know that you never began. Home is constant arriving within yourself and letting go is not a permanent state. The riddle of action and inaction will continue. The drive of the superorganism to survive will persist and will manifest itself in many unexpected ways.

There is no imperative but to exist and leave with a tranquil heart and mind.

Fear may be befriended, our externalities will age, but in love, spontaneity and a pure heart we unlock immortality.

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Kim said...

beautiful, simple wisdom ... this presentself thanks you