Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wonderful... the science of happiness

I inherited my love of radio from my Dad.

I find myself switching on ABC Radio National everyday before any other station. On Saturday the 17th May 2008 I stumbled upon this gem.

"The pursuit of happiness is a global obsession. But can science investigate its slippery, subjective nature? What are the metrics—self report, brain activity, or the good deeds we do? Five world leaders in the field join Natasha Mitchell in conversation—neuroscientist Richard Davidson, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist scholar B. Alan Wallace, psychologist Daniel Gilbert and philosopher David Chalmers."

Considering I missed the end of the segment, the concept of podcasting reinforces itself in the spreading of enlightenment via information and ideas. A segue perhaps to this:

"To create a social business which reduces all suffering by facilitating the access to and dissemination of enlightened information and ideas."

Note: It's coming.


Anonymous said...

Hi Donal,

Thanks for link to this. I've got it on my ipod, and can't wait to hear it. Public/community radio is a fantastic source of information. Great to see ABC's diversity with this program.

Now if we could only download their TV shows......I hear we missed a good show last night...

Artists At Work: Lindy Lee



Deda said...

Interesting transcript. Particularly the evidence based vindication of the contemplative science breeding familiarity with the mind states.

The whole area is a bit like modern science vindicating the old fashioned remedies. But beware of those who push the findings beyond the limits of evidence and set themselves up as false priests.

And public service broadcasting can still come up tops.

Just because one has a PhD doesn't mean one can't be a spoofer.

It's encouraging that there is a lot of knowledge yet to be unearthed. A scientist's work is never done.

And public service broadcasting can still come up tops.