Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Something else is missing... need a pointer

Was thinking today... since school and university have come and gone(from my perspective), and family are in a different hemisphere; why is it so difficult to find or stumble across a mentor in this industry or even in this life? Is it just when you are younger that you feel like there are people around and above you who know what's going on, or have a plan? Once one becomes more self aware do we see everyone stumbling along together? One wonders what structure or guidance we as a society will need or will cling to to ensure cohesion, or what will emerge in the place of organised religions in the West?

Where are the few who espouse 'enlightened self-interest' and 'non-zero sum games' for the world? Why is it not immediately obvious in our leaders and politicians? What is broken and how can we fix it? ( I tend to start these days with http://www.ted.com/ or the http://www.worldchanging.com/book/ )

Unfortunately Information Technology is extremely lacking in individuals who can offer wisdom and guidance, presumably being such a young discipline/art itself?

Life is difficult to figure out in this generation of mass media with a constant bombardment of encoded information which mainly focuses on mass materialism and consumption. Is it any reason that graffiti and street art has tried to fill the gap left by the press, advertising and the media at large.

Everything has sped up. Most people are disembodied from themselves and society. What could you prescribe? Diet, exercise, preventative mental health, meditation, different types of education, emotional intelligence...etc?

If you would like to be a mentor please send a S.A.E. to PO BOX 564 :)

I probably need my own personal technical version of one of these guys: J Krishnamurti, Anthony DeMello, Eckhart Tolle, Matthieu Ricard... or maybe an aggregate avatar of all of them that follows you online or is a 3d hologram buddy in real life ;)

Note: The image above is of the 3d holographic shark who assists the kid in one of Discovery's 2057 programs. An episode that happens to focus on a city wide virus that gets in to everything including digital signage. Not on my shift I tells ya!

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