Saturday, May 19, 2007

My head hurts ...

The web is about to explode all over again, and I mean in a 2002/3 CodeRed/Slammer/Nimda/Blaster/Nachi type of way. With services like Dapper and the new flavours of mashup AJAX'y type apps - it's hard to get your head around how information will be mangled by consumers, hobbyists and MISCREANTS.

I believe soon everyone will be running their own OpenID servers or will require SSO services to reduce the identity overheads of all these network-centric services. No one has addressed the old issues of domain ownership and transferral though. These are generally rooted in silly things like confirmation by fax, whereby no one bothers to check the calling parties number. Don't get me started on headed notepaper.

I used to "dis" the Jericho Forum, but the web is morphing from the inside out. Combine this with mesh, mobility and multicast/p2p and the funny thing is... we need to secure even more rather than less in enterprises. We've known this for a while. Anyone who throws out their firewalls yet might as well take the doors off their houses too. Decommisioning is expensive at all levels and hard to do well. Legacy kit and issues abound.

However, the paradigm has already changed. It's still the Internet and World Wide Web, just there's more of it and the information is being atomized and made even more malleable and 'remixable'.

This scared me today, though I had heard of the previous incidents of self-replicating XSS ...

Funny thing is, all these open API's are creating another type of wider monoculture built on more layers than just TCP/IP.

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