Saturday, February 08, 2014

On Networks

A brief collection of some interesting and engaging talks on 'networkism' which happens to fit my worldview as a network engineer and zen buddhist informed permie! This was a list I put together on request from someone who was interested in delving deeper in to the burgeoning synthetic superorganism we are building (as opposed to perhaps the existing one!). These talks were chosen for their entertainment value yet deeply profound implications...  (albeit not elevating my own talk to this level, hope you enjoy the collection ;)

RSA animate: The Power of Networks : 2012

Nicholas Christakis : Ted : The Hidden Influence of Social Networks

Kevin Kelly : LinuxConf : The Technium : 2013

Alexander Bard : Tedx : From Relativisim to Networkism : 2013

My beginnings of a synthesis : ZIP : (prep for a talk I gave) : 2009

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