Sunday, October 07, 2012


Many things come to mind. Less to body.
"Consciousness contemplating consciousness through consciousness" is the recurring theme.
Hesitance. Reluctance. Projections. Stories.
Food security and energy security, other reoccurring themes. Solutions sought. Problems provided.
Bananas. Monkeys. Pigs. Rats. Dogs. Ants. Humans.
Energy. Flows.
Webtech creates a slipstream which, when combined with coffee and attention seeking squirrel genes, results in an anxiety predator, compounding twitchy turnkey solutions with no longevity nor real costs.
Carbon ephemera.
Universal dust.
Synthetic connectedness with elements of natural messages metamorphosing silicon. Radio commons and light privacy. Multiplexing.
Analogous aliens exploring inside and out.
De-salt the meat and the kids.
Prep' em?
Doomed repetition. No compound intrinsic knowledge and experience.. yet…
Genes, memes, and dreams.
Didjeridoos, frogs, and roos. Throat chakras. Speak fool. Silent wizards manifesting.
Playtime, anytime.
Protectors. Defenders. The power of nightmares. 
If you can imagine the worst, can you imagine the best? Which to fear?
Safety not in numbers. Belief in the power of one, belief in many. Malleable. Passive. Pain. Plan. Perceive. Promote.
Circles. Ellipses. Orbits. Dots. Nodes.
Drowsy dragons. Flying feet. Hearts on the line.

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