Saturday, December 31, 2011

On Common Ground

Where is the common ground but the human condition?

There is a lot to be said of 'choice architectures', surrounding oneself with elements of positivity, energy, and potentiality... but also in re-engaging one's roots and meeting the current reality with as much neutrality and equanimity as one can muster.

To be intimate with and embrace ephemeral feelings, to transcend and include, yet engage the impermanent… to be human?

Collaborative solitude. Borne of a box.

Where is the balance of focus to be found? In lessening attachments to facilitate action and mastery where are the fundamental lines drawn?

Deepening and widening: Inextricably linked, yet too fast in either direction and the other suffers.
Distracting and numbing: So much energy wasted in pursuit and attainment of escapism from the unbearable lightness of being.

Yet in novelty, adventure, and social interaction new patterns are found/formed… patterns perhaps so unlike the previous ones that higher order states are attained which include a freedom from foundational patterns. There is another pathless path, one of omission, abstinence.. which leads to a different asymptotic purity.

There will always be background noise. There should always be background noise whether internal or external.

This entropy in emptiness is where creation lives.

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