Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Gorging and feasting on signals, information and messages.
Glancing and stroking remote shadows of distracted non-present humans.
Catalysts abound, exhausting energy.
Reagents, few and far between.
Richness and depth stem from both acute and ambient focus.
Real connections require proximity.
Maturity, neutrality, transparency and trust in oneself, then uncertainty.
Consistency for the greater part of ones identity allows for relationships and bonds.
Lack of understanding and communication leads to fear and cascading separation.
Union requires love, practice and commitment to an entity.
The environment must be crafted as it reciprocally crafts you.
Awareness, human plasticity and willingness to inhabit emptiness is fertile and true.
Create a continuum that grows, loves, respects, honours and thus, survives.

Namaste D.

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