Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Thoughts / intent ->
Words / conversations ->
Actions / connections / transactions ->

My local and universal influence carries with it a massive responsibility. Interconnectedness and feedback loops abound. Together our power is amplified when aligned. The medium only effectively carries a message when it is in harmony with the change or resonance of the overall superorganism.

This is why (for me increasingly) it is very important to have AWARENESS of all thoughts, feelings, words and actions (including from whence they arise e.g. fear/love/ego/repression/imprints or historical patterns) and also how these things affect the surrounding environment and entities. I must not carry negativity nor reflect it back on others. Constructive criticism and the drawing of contrasts can be positive when stemming from love. Unfortunately many feelings (in my experience) are ephemeral in nature and cannot be trusted especially when built upon automatic thinking and non-reality. Intuition is also a powerful signal, sometimes so loud yet sometimes so subtle that one must have a very quiet mind and open heart to even begin to notice it.

Hence the original and continual journey on the inside to try and understand the triggers and purify the influence I exert on my environment (including back upon myself).

I am you. We are us.

"Meaning no harm" is aside from "doing no harm" and herein lies one of the challenges.

What defines or encapsulates the initial state(s), processes and final state(s)?
In fact, there is no initial or final state... just a complex flux and a replenishing group of cells and entities with a complex aggregate neuroplasticity. Where do you want to grow today?

Survival is a balance between growth and protection. One cannot survive in protection mode all the time, nor can one grow continually without periods of homeostasis. This is all part of the dance. If you listen carefully you may even be able to hear the music. Why rush and who exactly are we competing with or dancing with anyway?

I have intuited and felt something very deep and important for some years now.. yet it's hard to walk the path, let alone find the right trail.. no excuses, just AWARENESS.

How deep is the rabbit hole? Sometimes so deep we(I) block it, numb it, try to escape from it, or fall in...

Much love to all...

Donal (human I think)

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