Saturday, December 26, 2009


So how do we truly learn?

Theoretical knowledge does not imbue wisdom nor experience. A head full of thought can paralyse. Sometimes we need to leap with faith and not necessarily rely on hope. Our minds may spider ahead in to the future, in to uncertainty, however the expected or imagined future is rarely the one we find ourselves meeting. It is indeed wonderful to give shape to projected futures, otherwise we walk an eternal void or leading edge immediately in advance of the present moment (with nothing to guide our next decision but transcient emotions and feelings) so how far to journey ahead? Perhaps a fuzzy framework helps to guide us without locking us in? Don’t rule anything out, don’t rule anything in? But what happens when you have a very distinct desired outcome? Can one try too hard to shape that future at the detriment of the present moment and the actual end goal? When we deal with the complexities of human emotions, irrational beings, rational paths, confusing contexts and lack of reference points.. what do we fall back upon? Instinct, gut... who or what do we listen to? Does the voice inside get drowned out.. do we cave in to fear... what does experience tell us, what does it lend us especially when there is no previous similar experience to draw upon? There are many versions of ourselves e.g. those we project, those that are informed by the surroundings and company we keep, those that we keep to ourselves at all costs, only rarely letting others see inside.

Is it about trust and identity? Is it about safety and security? What is it that defines us?

If we cannot separate the environment we exist in from ourselves, does that beg the question around what decisions we consciously and unconsciously make that place us in certain environments? What happens when we are trapped? Do we convince ourselves where we are currently at is the best there is? A concept of synthetic happiness perhaps... or do we journey willfully in to the unknown to help define ourselves in our novel interactions with people, places and things? When there is too much noise, how do we gain perspective and look back inwards as a neutral observer? Can we ever even be close to neutral or objective, or is this just something we strive for...? What happens when we oscillate wildly in thought, or by virtue of not addressing basic nourishment, rest and relaxation? Why are we so good at distracting ourselves, ignoring our “real” selves? We race to the company of others, especially those that help make us feel “better”.. rather than making us uncomfortable and challenging our deeper cores.. basically give me 1 person who challenges me over 10 who agree with everything I say and do.

Do not surround me with counsel of silver tongued sycophants. Challenge the core of my being if true growth and nobility lies in improving upon my former self. What is respect?


Kim Wood said...

What happens when we let go of incessant questions? :)

Donal said...

@Kim we find no-mind and let go finally ;) Environment and the company we keep can be a major actor and factor to this too!