Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What is nodecity

Nodecity was always going to be a community; a part of the greater network of beings and entities. Essentially, interconnectedness realised and respected.

With a mixture of technological advances, instrumentation and cooperation (through efforts like, Nodecity will be both a physical and virtual destination to learn about balanced living. Nodecity will utilise philosophies (both borrowed and evolving) from permaculture, meditation, and technology, to demonstrate a different way of living.

Currently we are looking at soil maps, climate, and building regulations around Australia. We will be looking for funding and grants to build an earthship centre and business plan around our model (including providing low footprint devices and service packages to individuals and groups wishing to utlise the internet more effectively and responsibly).

This is not about eco-tourism, it is about eco-living, learning and connecting.

Non prescriptive, explorative.

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