Sunday, February 01, 2009

The coming global Infosec freeze

Our biggest problem is we can't demonstrate shit happens effectively enough. [Outcomes]
Especially when it get's rolled up in to operational 'stability' or the 80% of self serving retards running IT suppress ripples in the space time continuum. Or the snake-oil selling vendors manage to introduce more nodes and code rather than less.

Baselines and reference points are also missing, and we all know why. We're all using the same virtual bricks but building everything from lego turing machines to traffic systems to flying machines and fighting robots.

Google just did a lot of work for us classifying *everything* on the web as evil. So maybe we can just convince the web 2.0 fanatics to go join the luddites and take part in Donal's solution called....

.... wait for it....

"SLOW IT DOWN" I am now declaring a change freeze on all production systems till 2012 when we can get our shit together :)


Deda said...

How can you have a freeze in the middle of a heatwave?

Only joking.

Clearly a freeze is not enough. Patching and re-engineering eventually consumes the system which then either crashes or gives some lucky punter a few million/billion/trillion money units from someone else's bank account.

Back to basics please. Sit down with a clean sheet and rewrite the bloody stuff from scratch.

What ever happened to 16Kb onboard capacity to the moon.

Improved hardware has, unfortunately, led to sloppy programming. I do it myself when I'm in lazy mode, but at least I feel guilty about it!

Deda said...

Sorry, 16KB.

Even Microsoft couldn't give you a full stop for 16Kb. But, with 16KB, the full stop or even the moon's the limit.