Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Future Shock Security 2.0

Utility / Cloud computing will not take over, but drive price comparison in internal IT shops. Atomic metrics must have abstract units convertible to associated costs perhaps in a financial market like brokered environment.

It is nuts. It is scary. Breeding out the 'old guard' wil happen also, as currently security is also a social and geo-political problem. Incentives and penalties will need to be introduced, initially per country. Once RIRs get fully authoritative and sBGP, DNSSEC happens, we may look at penalising entities! Virtual hosts, virtual servers, virtual networks and virtual storage will also drive fluidity in IT yet increase the static nature and characteristics of 'virtual nodes' which transact with each other.

More: What if a *national* security board/organisation could instruct an RIR(Regional Internet Registry) based upon an IRR(Internet Routing Registry) recorded NETBLOCK to be revoked as punishment for X... e.g. sinkhole/null route at Tier1/2/3 ISP/INEX? Thus an organisation would lose it's internet presence. Maybe we could use this to force em' to supply their anonymized *logs* and *survey* data (signed by the CIO of course) ....

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Deda said...

I'd leave a comment if I knew what any of this meant.