Thursday, February 14, 2008


What is it that defines us?
What is the most important thing to us in our short existence?
What is the thing we should cherish most in our lives?
What do we have from birth to death and has the power to colour our lives for better or for worse?

Easy.... our minds, our consciousness...

So why do we neglect something so deeply important to our quality of life and base existence?

Surely we need to engage in some form of mind training or develop more tools to address and deal with our perception of reality?

Cmon' guys, why allow a crazy world to passively pollute our minds unnecessarily, why not focus a little bit on awareness and mindfulness. Start by observing yourself. Then take the time to quietly observe others without judging. Remove yourself from your preconceptions and look with clearer neutral eyes. Perceive from a neutral standpoint and quieten your monkey mind for a moment.

A good, easily digested, palatable first step in this modern age are talks online by people like Mattheau Ricard and Anthony De Mello.

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Wade M | The Middle Way said...

Well said! Of course in total agreement with you.

Before I left E/// Zac and I started meditating in our lunch breaks once a week.

To be taught the skills, to engage and work with our minds. To learn these skills in school, or uni, or even to place some value on them in the workplace. They bring good things whereever they are present.

I'm not sure who this post is aimed at, sounds like it's aimed at someone or some experience....

What do we have from birth to death? How about "What did your face look like before your parents were born? That koan escapes me, lol. Mu, however, I see.