Monday, December 10, 2007

Spiritual IT Security.

Some duality, some overlap, some scientific methodologies.

Monitor and surveil both your IT and personal "outputs" i.e. what you or the network or system generates and redistributes in to the interconnectedness; be it social, personal or techincal.

*Then*, and only then, base your controls, processes, methodologies and frameworks or risk assessments upon empirical evidence.

No wonder it's so hard to listen to a system or network, when we don't even listen to ourselves.

Monitor the outputs. Control the inputs. Refine the processes.


Wade M said...

Somehow this post got inside me. Particularly the last paragraph struck me with some poetic beauty. I started walking the rhythm of the words, and eventually found my own....

Upload the Virus,
Restart the System,
Decode the Program


Rock Ape said...

So complex hey?