Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's much clearer now.

This explains many of my previous posts and some I am actually working on right now regarding 'Future Shock', e.g. moving towards a:

Funny how lots of research, conversations and other material leads you to the same conclusion after having come from many paths. Back to TED and Ray Kurzwell

Are Biology and Technology the keys? Kevin Kelly on TED

This has only strengthened my resolve to find balance, master the mind, and address certain internal needs. Where are we racing to and what happens when we get there?

Does Eamonn Healy know? Telescopic Evolution
( Another excerpt from Richard Linklater's Waking Life )

Interconnectedness and transcience abound.

With Peak Oil ( ABC Video ) a seemingly plausible near term future on earth, should we not all be planning ahead and focussing on what really matters in life?

I think perhaps searching for a middle ground between permaculture and IT will be my path / purpose.

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Wade said...

I'm not so sure on this one Donal :)

My rebuttal...