Friday, February 09, 2007

A World of Sheep?

Found this while passing 'The Brain of Wade's post on information and Web2.0

It says many things to me about: possibilities, art, waste, control, tools and the most ironic thing of all.... many people in this world are SHEEP! It's time to wake up.


Deda said...


blog-o-rosco said...

Baaaaaaaaaaa.... (gurgle)... chomp chomp chomp... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHRGHHH

N said...

Millions (billions?) always were -- and will be.

The "I'm all right Jack" attitude of the majority (I have what I need/want and to hell with the rest ...) permeates much/most of the western world. While those in dire straits in the "developing" (so-called) world are far too busy trying to put food in their bellies or find some relatively clean water to drink, to be capable of being politically active. Or even considering it.

That leaves you with an idealistic minority who don't have to scrounge for their daily bread and are concerned enough to try to create change -- whatever continent they live on. They are battling against huge corporations who want nothing more than to neutralise activists and sell more to the sheep ...

And so the wheel turns.