Thursday, December 14, 2006

Elementarily T.I.R.E.D.?

The latest sociological acronym is "Tired" - the Thirty-something Independent Radical Educated Dropout.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do - with your one wild and precious life?"

The Summer Day, Mary Oliver

"Children suffer the world that adults create for them and try their best to adapt to it; in time, usually, they will replicate it."

The Elemetary Particles, Michel Houellebecq, 1998

Have I exhausted all modern society has to offer - a year early at 29? Is it now time to change the world as previously envisaged? Enlightenment may be a pre-requisite. And these North American zen groups are either too scared, cliquey.... or there are too many stoners and looneys around this continent to warrant any form of trust in a stranger. I'll need to 'explore/meditate' back home in the EU, where the vibe is akin to the openness and friendliness of my second home, Australia. ( I hope ;)

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Anonymous said...

The more I read forwards in time, the further backwards I see us moving.

The more defined/refined things seem to become, the further from the root of what we were after we end up with.

"where did it/we go wrong"