Sunday, April 03, 2005


Well I am back to an actual solid and easily used OS. I have played with, used and worked on Windows, Linux*BSD's - and then last week I bought an Apple MAC Mini running Darwin , otherwise known as OSX ( Panther 10.3.8 )

All I can say is it's shiny and I get a BSD underlying framework and bash style shell when I need it.... here is a screenshot of my desktop with some Konfabulator widgets ( which incidentally you can get for WindowsXP
also! )

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Note: The MAC OSX framework is still hugely more developed for all users than that of the original FreeBSD 4.4 on which it was based as it features some pretty cool stuff for users and developers alike; Cocoa, Quartz, Aqua and a Mach kernel etc.

Have a look over here for more information

I also spent some time getting Shinobi playable on MacMAME and some other games on Snes9x, threw in the Cisco VPN client and Citrix client for work.. while simultaneously making sure I had Xcode installed and subsequently DarwinPorts + Fink.... oh yeah don't forget Desktop Switcher, Onyx, Azureus [BitTorrent], MacTheRipper, VLC, Mplayer OSX, FireFox, Audacity, HenWen and CyberDuck and I'm sure I forgot some other stuff I threw on... any comments, suggestions are welcome.... Panther; maybe pay for DiskWarrior, Konfabulator, LiteSwitchX, KeyCue, Alarm Clock Pro...


Polo said...

Looks lime this will develope into an interesting blog - though a lot of the stuff is beyond me at this stage.

Mr Ockham can't have been all bad if he was excommunicated by Pope John XXII.

Interesting the number of Irish who turn up if you follow your reference to the razor.

Modest example of reduction here.

nora said...

Looking good ... I'll be back, as I've bookmarked it now.

Love the name. Grabbed my attention and forced me to look it up!