Monday, November 22, 2010


From the last post/historical experiment on Trust, an email conversation emerged between myself and Mum (a very warm, humble, talented and enlightened woman!) :

Did you learn anything from this? Just wondering ...

Donal: yeah!
a) I think about trust a lot
b) trust is not binary, it can be but is mostly aligned to certain traits in others
c) it's predicated on consistency or belief in anothers critical thought, capacity and history/stability/demonstrated path
d) it's not easily re-earned
e) it's hard to create and quantify trust networks
f) transitive trust is the trickiest bit and based upon clusters and dependencies
g) one needs honesty and trust to form community
h) one has to trust themselves before they can extend that understanding and level of trust to others?

What do you think?

I think people vary a lot.

For example a child whose trust was broken by say, a teacher or a garda, may have difficulty trusting anyone in authority later on. A child whose trust was badly broken by its parents may have difficulty trusting anyone later on. Both generalisations.

On balance, we're programmed to trust, as it was vital for early man. We're not the biggest animals, or the strongest, and humankind learned early that they survived better in groups/communities. Both for hunting purposes and for their security. So they had to trust others - with their lives.

People with high levels of confidence will trust themselves a lot of the time and not be swayed by others. Those lacking confidence will tend to have less trust in their own judgement. And yes, once broken, it's not easily re-earned.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


From my Twitter/tweet archives this is a story about trust over 2 years:

grep -i trust archive | sort -k6n -k1 -k2 -M -k3 -k4 | cut -d ' ' -f 2,6,8-100 | uniq

May 2009 Trust is indeed an issue for the future. Transitive trust. A<->B<->C Identity and Integrity these are the real issues. #futuresummit
May 2009 Australia as a Swiss bank acc. style nation, but as a proxy for federated digital trust and identity? #futuresummit #innovation
Jul 2009 Trust is predicated on preserved identity and shared expectation of outcomes but transitive to how many degrees and historicals?
Jul 2009 @adzap was kinda more aimed at a mate trusting 3rd parties +large companies to "get it right"" cause they're big.Context not clear.Mybad.
Jul 2009 @rosshill more beneficial to think of a transitive trust model +only a single root node in the hierarchy. Not distributed. Ask Bob + Alice!
Aug 2009 Calling all humans: transparency,self regulating systems,trust, integrity,education vs awareness, growing together.... NOW!
Aug 2009 Loose coupling + autonomous systems, gift economy, transitive trust,complexity, architecture,superorganisms +homeostasis?FAIL@ #alr
Aug 2009 @pat yeah wasn't sure, hence the Tweet (even O'Reilly book ?!?) But peeps have2 start somewhere. #quality #trust requests <> good start!
Aug 2009 @Cama Ahuh,independent verification/specialisation is a toughy? In what r who do u place transitive trust? #absolutetruth #belief #nihilism
Aug 2009 @rosshill attribution is tied to identity,validation,trust,cohesion,anonymity,commerce,longevity,sharing,ain't going nowhere methinks buddy!
Aug 2009 @irlpol projects may have 10's or hundreds of servers/services in disparate TRUST zones running mutiple flavours/types of protocols.
Sep 2009 Infosec=Info/infra/services have value at point of utility.Trust +transitive trust predicated on persistent identity.Non-repudiation.Risk?
Sep 2009 T: "design by committee has not been successful in my experience".. D: "neither was the Homermobile" #architecture #choice #trust
Oct 2009 Decision engines. Inputs, processes, outputs, subject to morphing values? Constructive and destructive feedback loops. Transitive trust, ...
Oct 2009 #GovHack Canberra mesh usage 31.85 GB total (22.61 GB received, 9.24 GB sent) from #nodecity #trustbutverify
Oct 2009 Reviewing #trampoline "Trust + New Economic Model" +recent use "food trust","time trust" etc sub-trusts FTW :)
Nov 2009 Non-profit IT. Trust. Community. Play. Self-directed learning. #tedxmelbourne #nodecity
Nov 2009 Open my human bandwidth, mindshare, headspace, filters, open, trust, rate-limit, time, slow, fast #quality #interactions is less more?
Nov 2009 I value openness, honesty, trust, integrity, awareness, mobility, choice and preparedness to be wrong or fail, improve on former self..
Jan 2010 Interesting proposition:how well do you trust yourself in different situations? What is your supposedly pre-determined outcome informed by?
Jan 2010 How :an adhoc grp self-polices? :to exp hidden agendas? Trust predicated on?+is it transitive? Commitment demonstration to open system?
Jan 2010 Constantly WAKING UP. Constantly ARRIVING. Who to journey with? #trust #given #offered #expended #rebirth #faith
Jan 2010 Interconnectedness. Spheres. Nodes. Intent. Trust. Love. Beings. Time. Stardust.
Feb 2010 Not sure who to trust? Yourself? "When we are weak, or feel weak and dis-empowered, we.." @edwardharran
Feb 2010 Trust is not binary. It's an ongoing process of building and re-evaluating at every stage. #subset #superset #sets
Feb 2010 Trust
Feb 2010 Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Test. Trust but Verify. #self-policing
Feb 2010 Trust issues = occupational hazard? ;) /via @kimmwood
Mar 2010 @DDrazic transitive trust and the broken outsourcing triangles... #metrics #out-tasking #governance #accountability
Mar 2010 A wise being lives inside of you, it is your intuitive self; trust the wisdom inside of you: Shakti Gawain /via @TheGodLight
Mar 2010 Understanding.Unassuming. Unadorned. Tolerance. Trust. Wisdom.Strength.Belief.
Mar 2010 AU: Recommendations for setting up a trust fund for a kid?
Apr 2010 Pure, clean, sober Awareness... when to honour, trust & listen to your Intuition above all else? Always?
Apr 2010 Time, love and trust. The ultimate currencies.
Apr 2010 Trust yourself, with great faith and great doubt :)
May 2010 If I don’t trust the people I am with, I can’t be interdependent with them. If I don’t trust them, I can’t build community with them.
May 2010 If I don’t trust myself, I will never be able to trust others. And if I’m not honest with myself, I can never be fully honest with others.
Jun 2010 . @paulzee beware phishing. Check WHOIS. Not Google owned. CAREFUL #trustbutverify
Jun 2010 @Aida_Lee oceans of trust, love & time.. in fact any logical rep I choose4 anyone/thing ->nrgy, doobies :)
Jul 2010 @rosshill Attribution/health of actions and thought! Digital DNA, personal trust & mind (mental health) stability/identity #cloudliving ;)
Jul 2010 @rosshill Trust, community and self-policing, governance. Ever seen Mad Max ;)
Jul 2010 Trust but verify.
Jul 2010 You cannot rebuild trust remotely.
Jul 2010 @jonathannen presence, awareness, social cohesion, edges, motivation, trust, love and time... and doors that say 'No Entry'... +5W's ;)
Jul 2010 @DDrazic @jloidl we aiming VCE/Year 11. a) 3R's b) transitive trust/ interconnectedness c) measure/empirical data d) enforcement capability
Aug 2010 @undrewb me neither, too invasive and overt, feels dirty.. like cheating on someone, breaking transitive trust... hard sell/syntax ☠
Aug 2010 ♫ It takes an ocean of trust...
Sep 2010 Perceived value and transitive trust.
Sep 2010 @nathan_scott @mikala_ it's all about trust bay-bee, it's all about... <3 from D
Sep 2010 What is the smallest trust cluster?
Sep 2010 Connection. Intimacy. Trust @trampolineday #trampoline #trampolineday
Oct 2010 "but trust me on the sunscreen".. ♫ (great way to start Sunday morning :) <3 D
Oct 2010 Mobile version: "but trust me on the sunscreen" ♫ (great way to start Sunday morning :) <3 D

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


#tedx - Brené Brown

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I write this to my future self, whenever, wherever and whoever you may be.

I do not like the term hope but I have faith that the continuum that is you recognises these words, thoughts and forms as your own. If anything, nourish the stillness inside as it is from this that flows that which is clear, wise and true. Do not forget your core and replenish your lifeforce often. Tune your body vehicle. Perceive everything but pay full attention to those you trust. Minimise harm in all your thoughts, words and actions yet do not be paralysed by the complexity, interconnectedness and beauty.

Hunt your fears. Confront your conflicts. Listen and learn.

Never stop seeking yet know that you never began. Home is constant arriving within yourself and letting go is not a permanent state. The riddle of action and inaction will continue. The drive of the superorganism to survive will persist and will manifest itself in many unexpected ways.

There is no imperative but to exist and leave with a tranquil heart and mind.

Fear may be befriended, our externalities will age, but in love, spontaneity and a pure heart we unlock immortality.

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